About me

The moment that I took my bags and decided to explore the world far beyond my boundaries made me understand the meaning of making things happen.

I am originally from Colombia but Scotland was the place where I developed a fascination for history and a clear determination to work in a field where there is a potential to help and benefit small communities. this fact took me to study Costume for stage and screen in Edinburgh.

Designing and creating garments of the past is the form of art that I have chosen to tell stories and to recreate history in a society that needs to be reminded of its roots and the importance of preserving culture.

I would be truly happy if through my work as a designer, I were able to teach and inspire people to look back to the past and recognize the importance of their culture and history.

Tatiana Medina

Projects or comissions that i would be happy to work for :

On a Freelance basis:

I am based in Scotland and in Hungary and flexible to work abroad.